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 Van Halen'izing
Original Songs Lesson Series
- Parts 1-14

JFRocks Van Halen'izing Series - Van Halen style Guitar Lessons and Music with Guitarist Jeff Fiorentino
  Vh'izing originals are Van Halen-style based technique and song
  composition lessons that expand on the lessons covered in the
  Vh'izing cover songs series by using the Van Halen guitar style
  and sound to create original music.  Learn more

Part 1 -    FrankenStrat 5150 Part 8 -    Aluminum Man (Yes He CAN!)
Part 2 -    Under Fire Part 9 -    Drop IN!
Part 3 -    That's Van-Talian Part 10 -  Victorious Idiots
Part 4 -    HALEN a Cab Part 11 -  VAN Hallows EVE
Part 5 -    Van-Gasmic Part 12 - *Special  Van Halen Techniques - Part 1
Part 6 -    Suffer the Bitches Part 13 - *Special  Van Halen Techniques - Part 2
Part 7 -    I Must Be Somebody? Part 14 - *Special  Van Halen Techniques - Part 3


 Van Halen'izing
Cover Songs Lesson Series
- Mixed Parts

Van Halen style guitar lessons with Jeff Fiorentino at - Van Halen'izing Cover Songs
The cover songs in the lessons below were re-written as VH MIGHT have IF they were to do
 a cover of the given song.  These guitar lessons are packed with VH techniques and tips,
 but more  importantly you'll gain a deep, usable understanding of how VH plays guitar.  Originally there were 26 parts to this series, however due to various conflicts and copyright issues etc. some lessons had to be either reworked or removed.

The point to these lessons is simple.  Sure, learn your favorite songs, and learn them correctly.  But after that, mess around with them.  If you're a Van Halen fan, take a lesson from VH's play-book, as I've tried to demonstrate here.  All of the cover songs VH put on their album releases were turned into something all their own.  Riffs were re-worked, and parts were either omitted or added, and solos were created.  Tweaking your favorite cover songs like this is the best learning tool you'll ever have for not only writing your own music, but being a well rounded guitarist.   It's not a skill anyone can teach you at school, or in lessons at the mall or online.  It's just you sitting down, and tweaking and messing with your favorite songs.

I hope my examples below of doing just that inspire you to twist up and re-work some of your favorite covers.
 -- Jeff Fiorentino

Part 9 -   When the children cry Part 15 -  Beethoven's "5th"
Part 10 -  My Favorite Things Part 16 -  Whole Lotta Love (Van Zep Part 2)
Part 11 -  Johnny B. Bad ASS Part 21 -  Dazed & Confused (Van Zep Part 3)
Part 12 -  How Many More Times (Van Zep Part 1) Part 24 -  Misty Mountain Hop (Van Zep Part 4)
Part 13 -  Cream - Sunshine of your love Part 26 -  Immigrant Song (Van Zep Part 5)
Part 14 -  Beethoven's "Fur Elise"  

Van Halen Guitar Lesson

Van Halen Style Guitar Lessons

Jeff Fiorentino Van Halen

Van Halen style music
Brown Sound - Van Halen Brown Sound - Phase 90