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 Our policy here at is "Just Ask Us".  We're always very happy to help out
 filmmakers, or internet radio shows, video game companies etc. at all levels. 

 Whether you have a big budget, or no budget at all.  If there's track or riff of Jeff's you
 like and want to use, "Just Ask".  We'll work with you.  While we're in the business of
 giving away freebies all the time, we do understand that exposure can often times be as
 good as Gold.  We really want filmmakers in particular to not have to used canned music
 or some of the other generic garbage available for use.  Great music, can make a film.
 And great guitar based music is something we've got plenty of.  So please check out our
 licensing set below, or on SoundCloud, and let us know what you need.

 To license Jeff Fiorentino
(ASCAP) /JFRocks music, or have music created for your
 film or other project, please contact us at
**All songs are registered with ASCAP (composer Jeff Fiorentino).
 However, we're always happy to license to small filmmakers directly, bypassing cue-sheets etc.

When contacting us please be sure to let us know which specific song title(s) you would
 like to license, as well as any usage rights you require. (exclusive) or (non-exclusive)
 Note also that Jeff can write customized music, either full songs, or epic riff segments
 for you as well.

 Below is our "Songs Available for Licensing" set from the JFRocks SoundCloud account.
 The list is current and up to date.  Many of the songs below have already been licensed
 however if they appear in the "Available for Licensing" set they were likely licensed under
 a non-exclusive agreement, so as stated everything in the set below IS AVAILABLE.

*To learn more about and Jeff Fiorentino - Click here
 ** & JFRocks music publishing are based in Santa Monica, California, United States

Guitarist Jeff Fiorentino Music on SoundCloud 
JFRocks Licensing Set - via SoundCloud
This set contains the current list of songs available for licensing from and or Guitarist Jeff Fiorentino for TV, Film, Video Game,
or Website use.  If you have trouble viewing the app below
click here

**All music below is Copyright 2008-2014 all rights reserved. 
  Unauthorized use without our expressed written consent is strictly prohibited.


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 **All songs below are registered with ASCAP - Composer/Author Jeff Fiorentino.
 However, songs may simply be licensed directly through us if that's your preference.
 Contact: Zoe Jacques at



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