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Jeff Fiorentino - JFRocks.comJeff Fiorentino
"Celtic Blunder"

Guitarist Jeff Fiorentino SoundCloud song page Released:  Oct. 03, 2014

"Celtic Blunder", is an Irish (Celtic) vibing Hard ROCKER of a track, produced for the "Red Men Films" (UK) production "#DrunksLikeUs".  This piece is both a scene piece for the film, and a part of the soundtrack, and while it may start mellow, it sure doesn't stay that way, so,,, CRANK IT UP!!!

RedMen Films



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RedMen Films

Paul Mackie
Paul Mackie
(Sportin' the ltd ed, shirt)
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Learn More - Click here

#DrunksLikeUs - by Paul Mackie

 #DrunksLikeUs is a feature length comedy starring;
 Luke  Griffin, Andrew Marsden, Andrea Stefancikova and Stephen Tailby

 The #DrunksLikeUs Soundtrack

 The soundtrack to #DrunksLikeUs is a rollercoaster in itself consisting of
 ten songs and ten instrumentals.

 The instrumentals are by Hollywood session Guitarist Jeff Fiorentino and
 Hip Hop prodigy and film maker
who's first feature film is
 currently hitting the film festival circuit.

 The ten songs are a varied soundscape with only one thing in common -
 They're all awesome! The amazingly talented bands and artists involved
 are -
GasFoodLodging, Swing Suicide, BirdMask, Elephants In Trouble,
 MelodyHead, Jet Horns and ohnickel.


 As a bonus Jeff Fiorentino has written a track that is exclusive to the
 soundtrack and can't be heard anywhere else, It's called
"Fated Weirdo"
 and I think the word awesome doesn't quite do it the justice it deserves.

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 Jeff Fiorentino and Official Twitter "Milk Invaders"

 Zimzala Studios "Milk Invaders from Outer Space"
 Featuring music by our very own Surfalicious
Jeff Fiorentino

 Download it for your iOS
 Milk Invaders from outer space iphone app game download on iTunes

Zimzala studios Milk Invaders from Outer Space



Nicole Fiorentino - Photo by Richard Cassel
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Nicole Fiorentino

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