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Van Halen-style guitar lessons

Jeff Fiorentino's World Famous Van Halen-Style Guitar Lessons.  Featuring the "Vh'izing Cover Songs" and "Vh'izing Originals" online guitar lesson series. 

Lessons include original authentic sounding Van Halen style based music content, note for note guitar tabs and lesson notes, video guitar lessons with Jeff Fiorentino, and jam tracks for you
to practice and record with.

Techniques, Genres, & Artist styles

Featuring a wide range of more traditional guitar lessons covering
a variety of techniques, theory, and
genres, such as "Blues", "Country", "Rock", "METAL", "Jazz", "Modes" etc.

Also included on the best is a best of our classic "Beyond VH" guitar lesson series, which teaches the styles of some of your favorite bands and guitarists.
Jeff's Mailbag

Out of production since 2013, this series featuring monthly video segments going back 6 years, where Jeff answers questions sent in by site visitors on various guitar related topics.  Including, effects use, theory questions, songwriting, you name it, there's more than 6 years worth of Mail Bag questions and answers in there.
JFRocks Ear Training 101

The "Ear Training 101" Guitar Lesson page is back online at JFRocks.com.  Originally produced in 2006 this page features 26 problem riffs/licks/solos for you to try to figure out by ear BEFORE loading up the answer guitar Tabs and video lesson.

Ear Training is a big part of improving your guitar playing, songwriting, and all around improvisational skills. 

"How Good is Your Ear"?  Find out by visiting JFRocks "Ear Training 101".


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