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Below is some basic legal stuff that we need everyone to understand and follow.
I've laid it out in plain English without the usual old English hear yee hear yee legal jargon.

Hear yee hear yee Legal jargon version is available upon request

________________________________________________________ features original music and guitar lesson content.  All content is written, produced, & in most cases OWNED by Jeff Fiorentino, JFRocks, or Story City Entertainment.  Some lesson content consists of song embellishments which are used for lesson application or demonstration purposes only!!  We are not affiliated with any other artist, band, organization, or entity. 

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The best screen setting to use for is 1280x1024.  800x600 is NOT RECOMMENDED for this or any website!!

Unauthorized reproduction or redistribution
of any lesson featured on this website or any of our websites in any form, free or otherwise without out our written consent is not acceptable or permitted.  We are not affiliated with any of the artists we may take a stylistic look at, nor are we endorsed by any of these artists in any way. and its products are for instructional purposes only.
supports any artist featured in Beyond VH or Vin Heuton 100% and we give credit where credit is due.  All materials used on the JFRocks website or any of our websites is the sole property of Jeff Fiorentino and or JFRocks and or and is intended for use only on or one of our sister sites.

Furthermore, NO MATERIALS, including, lessons, tab, or video used or featured on this site or any of our websites or guitar instructional products, (including Jeff Fiorentino's likeness) may be copied, or redistributed for sale (original format or copy format), or made for public viewing either for free or otherwise without our permission in writing.  JFRocks and or Jeff Fiorentino reserves all rights to deny said permission to anyone for any reason we choose.  Odds are we won't deny it, but please ask us first.

Jeff Fiorentino and or JFRocks are the only parties with the right to distribute or make available for public viewing all said materials mentioned above.  You as the visitor only have viewing rights, and those rights are limited to our servers, or you own personal computer.

We reserve all rights to deny website access or product purchases to anyone, for any reason we choose.  The most common reason for this would be abuse of our rules or materials or some other form of disrespect. 

***************end legal***************

We really don't ask for much.  We're pretty cool around here about the legal stuff.  We just do what we have to in order to protect ourselves and the website.  Basically just look at it this way.  If you want to do something and you think it might make us angry, such as copy and re-distribute our videos or tabs, it probably will make us angry, so just don't do it without asking us for permission first.  Again we probably won't say no, unless your request is totally outrageous.





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