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Our policy is all sales are final (except for replacement of defects).  We DO NOT offer refunds on purchases for any reason unless there is just no way to satisfy the customer or fulfill the order.  We're a very small operation and we provide you with enough online material for you to easily know in advance if Jeff's teaching style and lesson formatting is for you, or not.

Exchanging between formats, i.e. if you ordered Online Access and want to switch to CD-ROM is allowed, however if you switch from the less expensive Online Access format to the higher priced CD-ROM format you are responsible for the difference in product cost.  If you switch from the higher priced CD-ROM format to the lower priced Online Access format no refund in price difference will be offered, however in those instances will will offer you the difference in cost in store credit against a future JFRocks product purchase.  We are not and cannot be responsible if you do not read all available documentation on our formats.  We give you all the information you need to make the proper format choice based on your computer and internet service.


We take customer service VERY seriously over here.  We bend over backward for you the customer in order make sure that when you order you get a good working copy/version of your order.  For CD ROM orders if you get what we call a defective burn or bad burn (which is rare but has happened) we will gladly replace your defective product at no additional charge to you, provided you alert us to the problem within 30 days of product shipment.  Our customer service email address can be found on our Contact us page.



FYI does not sell any personal information.  All info given during the ordering processed is used for the sole purpose of order fulfillment and nothing more. 
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We have a 99.8% repeat customer base, you don't get those kind of repeat customer percentages by having a bad product or screwing anyone over with bad customer service.  We're very proud of what we produce here.  We feel these are some of the most unique and helpful guitar learning aids on the market anywhere.  Many would back us on that opinion.       



Thanks and we hope you enjoy our awesome and unique lines of guitar instructional products.





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